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Being small and compact, Beagle has been become a great and active companion for kids and adults due to his fun-loving nature. But being hounds; they require a significant amount of training. Some of the people say beagle is very difficult to train at home and they also need crate training.

This small scent hound was primarily developed for hunting rabbits and originated in England. Beagle Puppies comes in 7 stunning colors lemon and white, white and chocolate, white and tan, tricolor, red and white, chocolate-tri, orange and white.


Beagle has become the first choice for every dog owner in the USA due to his adorable face having big hazel eyes with cute long ears set low on a broad head.

Life Span 12 – 15 years
Color Lemon & White, White & Chocolate, White & Tan, Tri-color, Red & White, Chocolate-Tri, Orange & White
Temperament Amiable, Excitable, Determined, Gentle, Intelligent, Even Tempered
Height Male: 36–41 cm Female: 33–38 cm
Weight Male: 10–11 kg Female: 9–10 kg
Origin England
Group Hound Group

One thing you should know before buying Beagle Puppy that these dogs do excessive barking and howling which can make you and your neighbours get annoyed, so be prepared to work with this cute dog to control his excessive baying and yelling.

If you are looking for a cute small dog who can also guard your home, then beagle dogs are not meant for you because they are usually friendly to everyone they meet.

About Beagle Puppies

This Beagle puppy will be an excellent choice for those having small family and kids living in apartments because these dogs are more affectionate to their family members and make bond more easily with everyone due to their appealing personality and also adjust them in every space.

In regards to food, beagles eat their food very seriously which means you should teach your kids not to tease Beagle while he is eating food.

Breed Characteristics

Adapts well to Apartment Living
Sensitivity Level
Tolerates being Alone
Kids Friendly
Dog Friendly
Friendly toward Strangers
Easy to Train
Intelligence Level
Easy To Groom
Exercise Needs
Energy Level
Exercise Needs

These small dog breeds are perceptive which means if they get bored and left alone in the home too long, they will start finding to get them busy usually by howling, digging trying to escape themselves.

These dogs are more curious and energetic hounds requires ample amount of play time, due to this prominent factor Beagle has been the most popular Hound Dog among several American pet owners.

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