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Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the most significant and working dog breed in the world.  This giant dog is considered one of the loyal, faithful and intelligent dog breed originated in Switzerland. They were mainly bred to pull cart and herd cattle.

Bernese Mountain Dog

In Swiss Homeland where he is originated is popularly known as Berner Sennenhund. In comparison with other dogs behavior, Bernese Mountain Dog has friendly and familiar nature which has more affection for his owner.

Life Span 6 – 8 years
Color Black tricolor
Temperament Affectionate, Loyal, Intelligent, Faithful
Height Male: 64–70 cm Female: 58–66 cm
Weight Male: 38–50 kg Female: 36–48 kg
Origin Switzerland
Group Working Group

 If you are looking for a dog who should be loyal and affectionate with family members, then Bernese Mountain Dog is a great fit. These dogs can be easily trained at home as he is a good learner. Due to his massive size, it requires more space, so this breed not made for Apartment owners.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Exclusive Pictures

These dogs need more attention from their owners as they are susceptible to nature.  Things you should know about the Bernese dog that this giant should not leave alone at home for a more extended period as they cannot tolerate being alone.

Breed Characteristics

Adapts well to Apartment Living
Sensitivity Level
Tolerates being Alone
Kids Friendly
Dog Friendly
Friendly toward Strangers
Easy to Train
Intelligence Level
Easy To Groom
Exercise Needs
Energy Level
Exercise Needs

This dog exclusively comes in only Black tricolor. Usually, the size of Bernese Mountain Dog is 64- 70 cm in height and weighed up to 38- 50 kg. This dog breed would not be suitable for hot climatic areas due to their massive coat.Due to their significant size, it requires more exercise to get fit for a long time.

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