What is Dog Elbow Callus? Why Dog Callus Occur? Heal Dog Cracked Elbow
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The Danger Of Ignoring Dog Elbow Callus

The Danger Of Ignoring Dog Elbow Callus

Dog Elbow Callus

Dog Elbow Callus

Dog elbow calluses are one of the biggest problem found on dog’s elbows caused due to laying down of your dog on hard surfaces on a regular basis which results in skin getting thicker, hairs often fall out from the skin, and the surface becomes rough.dog elbow callusIf I talk about human beings, we love to prefer ceramic tiles on the floor to keep our home shiny and beautiful. But one thing we ignore that these tiles and concrete surfaces are the biggest culprits on a dog’s elbows.

Dog elbow calluses are generally dark brown, black and some of the dogs having grey, it entirely depends on the colour of your dog’s skin and how long your dog has been suffering from this problem.

Several pet owners in the world seem calluses on dogs elbows as pressure sores, but one thing I want to clarify that there is a massive difference between these two terms.dog elbow callusIf proper treatment is not provided, then these callus on dog elbow gets crack and bleed which results in the origination of sores.

If a pressure sore is left untreated, it will likely get more infected. It might create the worst situation for a dog; if you find anything like this, then you should consult with your veterinarian to overcome this problem.

Calluses on dog elbows is a common problem which can be found in all dog breeds, but giant, heavy and large dog breeds are more prone to this problem.

Callus is not only formed on the dog’s elbows, but they can also be formed on the hocks, hips and the sides of both legs.

Prevention Of Dog Elbow Callus

dog elbow callusIt is a tough task to prevent the formation of callus on dog elbow. Today I will give you the overview of prevention of calluses.

Most of the veterinarian suggest that you should provide your dog with a very soft and comfortable bed in multiple locations throughout your house.

I know that lying on the soft bed will positively prevent calluses, but most of the dogs love to prefer to lie down on the tiles especially in summers. I think no one can afford to put soft beds on every location throughout the house.

Instead of prevention, let’s jump straight to the treatment of calluses on dogs elbows.

Dog Elbow Callus Treatment

dog elbow callusWe all know that there are hundreds of treatments for dog elbow callus out there in the market. But how to know which will work best for your dog?

I have tested out several products, but only a few products work great and are also not very expensive.

Today I am sharing with you the products that have worked and not worked for my dogs.

Great products

1.Petroleum Jellydog elbow callus

Petroleum jelly is one of the best ways to heal callus on dog elbow as it softens the callus more quickly. It is recommended that you should apply the petroleum jelly, not just the top surfaced area but also on all the areas of callus.

2. Blissful Dog Elbow Butterdog elbow callus

There is ample amount of dog elbow butter can be found in the market, but one which I recommend is blissful dog elbow butter. You should adequately apply this elbow butter, make sure to rub the product very generously between the layers of callus.

If I talk about my dog, I have used the product twice a day which gives me the excellent result.

It is also recommended that you should ask your veterinarian for how many times elbow butter can be used in a day.

Worst  Products

1.Coconut Oildog elbow callus

I have consulted several doctors most of them said that you should use coconut oil. Unfortunately, coconut oil is the worst product for dog elbow callus treatment as it didn’t work for my dog after using it for a week.

The smell of coconut oil is quite lovely which results in licking off all the coconut oil from the elbow by my dog. I would not recommend you for this product.

2.Vitamin Edog elbow callus

One of my friends said that he had applied Vitamin E oil on the surfaces of his dog elbow and he saw a great result. Again I had bad luck that it didn’t work for my dog and it was super greasy and left a freaky smell.

If I talk about my experience with my dogs then I would say that dog elbow calluses do not go quickly, it take time to get heal but as a dog parent, we have to manage them and ensure that these calluses on dog elbows do not become cracked or painful.

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