Dog Overheated Symptoms- How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer
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Dog Overheated  Symptoms

Summer is an excellent time to spend with the dog outside doing a lot of funs with him. As you can notice that temperature is slightly increasing day by day, so it’s necessary to protect your dog from overheating.

Whether you take him on the road for a walk, ride in the car or playing with him in your backyard, the Heat can negatively effect on your dog makes him overheated which can also turn into death.

To overcome heat problems, you should consider these dog overheated symptoms to keep your best friend safe and healthy.

Dog Overheated  Symptoms :

It is essential to keep your dog hydrated and happy especially in summer, but sometimes it becomes difficult for a dog owner to get to know whether their dog is dehydrated or not. Get familiar with these dog overheated symptoms which are listed below:

1.Thick Droolingdog overheated symptoms

Have you noticed that your dog’s drool is getting more thicker than usual. It is one of the main reason that your dog might be getting too hot.

2.Fast Heartbeatdog overheated symptoms

Have you checked that your dog’s heart racing? If not then you should check it to make him fresh and hydrated.

3.Dark red gums and tonguedog overheated symptoms

If you find your dog’s gums and tongue are getting red, then it will be a worrying situation for you as it is one of the leading dog exhaustion symptoms.

4.Dizzinessdog overheated symptoms

Especially during summer days you can find this common problem of dizziness in your dog which means they are getting too hot and overheating.

5.Weaknessdog overheated symptoms

If you find that your dog is getting weak especially in summers and he is having trouble picking himself up, he could be overheating. Give him an excellent cold dish of water to overcome this problem.

6.Heavy Pantingdog overheated symptoms

Panting for a dog can be a regular thing which can be found in many dogs whether they are hot or excited, it is critical to understand how much and how heavy they are panting which would be a sign of overheating.

If you find any of these dog overheated symptoms in your dog, then you should also contact your vet to avoid any problem in the future.

How to keep your dog cool in summer:

1.Add ice cubes to the water dishdog overheated symptoms

The best and easy way keep your dog cool in hot summer by just adding some ice cubes to his water dish.

2.Provide some canned food in regular dietdog overheated symptoms

To keep your dog cool and hydrated all the time during hot temperature is to introduce some canned food in the daily diet.

3.Avoid walking on the hot pavementdog overheated symptoms

As we wear shoes to avoid burning our feet on hot pavement. So it makes a great sense that you should also provide boots to your dog to prevent burning of their feet while walking on sidewalks.

If you are not able to purchase the shoes for your dog, then it is advisable to place your hand on the pavement to make sure the sidewalk is not too hot for your dog.

4.Take walks on the cooler parts of the daydog overheated symptoms

A great way to avoid overheating of your dog by making him walk in the early morning or evening.

5.Keep your home cooldog overheated symptoms

To keep your home cool you should leave the AC on and close the curtains to avoid sunlight. If you do not have AC in your house, then you should open the windows and turn on the fans which will help to keep them cool in these hot summer days.

6.Do not leave your dog alone in a hot cardog overheated symptoms

Did you ever step into your car during summer? We know the heat is unbearable, but you don’t know that this is even worse for your dog too. So it is highly advisable not to leave them in the car especially in summer which will bring a worse situation for him.

7.Introduce a bathdog overheated symptoms

During hot days especially Dogs with long hair requires an intensive shower twice or thrice in a week to keep them cool and fresh.


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