Dogs That Are Good With Cats - Top 10 Cat Friendly Dogs
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Top 10 Dogs That Are Good With Cats

Top 10 Dogs That Are Good With Cats

Cat Friendly Dogs

You all have heard the term “fighting like cats and dogs.” Do you think is it possible that both of them can make a great companionship in the same house?

There is two type of animal lovers in the world; the first one is dog lovers and the second one absolutely cat lovers. And what about those people who love both?

Are you one of them or do you already have a cat in your house but one question will stick your mind “what dog breeds are best suited with cats“?dogs that are good with cats

Choosing the right dog breed can help them to make their relationship longer and healthier.

Several breeders claim this is the right dog breed for you, but in reality, there are only certain breeds that are more likely to get along with cats than others. But how it could be possible for you to find the right one?

Cool… We have already done it for you.

Take a glimpse at these top 10 cat-friendly dogs and choose the right one which fits according to your need.

Top 10 Dogs That Are Good With Cats

1. Newfoundland cat friendly dogs

Being an excellent working dog, Newfoundland is also a great family companion having a sweet and gentle temperament.

These dog breeds bred for protecting the live stocks beside this, they are also more likely to see cats or other animals as just another pack of the family which is the positive attribute of this gentle giant.

2. Beagle dog breeds best with cats

Beagle has been become the best family member due to his compact size and fun loving nature. This dog is one of the excellent examples for those dogs who love to play not only with dogs even with cats too.

3.Labrador Retriever dogs that get along with cats

These are the most famous working dog breeds people love to own in United States, United Kingdom, and Canada due to his kind and gentle nature.

Like Beagle, Labrador Retriever too makes a great- all-around pets and is usually fine with cats, which brings them to the list of best dog that is good with cats.

4. Bulldog what dog breeds are best suited with cats

These massive dogs can frighten the cats if they want, but they are renowned for their gentle and kind temperament.

These dogs are more friendly with other creatures too, and their happy-go-lucky nature makes them likely that they will enjoy your cat’s companionship also.

5. Golden Retriever what dog breeds are best suited with cats

Golden Retriever is popularly known for their playful personalities. This ultimate family dog accepts all family members, even furry cats.

6. Pug dog breeds best with cats

This little pack full of love is a tremendous adaptable dog who can adjust himself according to the situation. This adorable dog would not mind sharing his home with his new member” cat.”

7.Papillion cat friendly dogs

Papillion is one of the adorable and intelligent dog breeds which look like butterfly due to his long and fringed hair on ears.

This smart dog breed with happy and curious nature adapts quickly to any environment, including one with cats.

8.Basset Hound best dog breeds for cats

Basset Hound is more loyal to their family member when it comes to affection level.

These dogs are mild mannered which makes them more friendly and tolerant of other animals. This great feature of Basset Hound brings them into the list of dogs that are good with cats.

9.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel best dog breeds for cats

Being adaptable and affectionate, this little dog with a Fearless personality is one of the best true companions of a family.

They are the ultimate house pet that loves to enjoy the companionship of other animals too in the family, even furry cats.

10.Shetland Sheepdog cat friendly dogs

Shetland sheepdog is very intelligent and sweet-tempered which requires a lot of grooming. Their sweet temperament makes them a great cat loving dogs.

11.Chihuahuadog breeds best with cats

Considering Chihuahua as a friendly pet companion does not proves you wrong in any way. These dogs are small in shape, and weight which makes their looks more distinctive regarding cuteness and playfulness and even your cat will be bigger than them, lol.

Yes, your two little members make themselves more comfortable with each other that they can even take a nap together. If you are looking for a dog that is good with cats no doubt Chihuahua will be a great representative for cat-friendly dogs.

12.Italian Greyhoundwhat dog breeds are best suited with cats

Italian Greyhound love to spend their time doing sunbathing. These lovely dogs are very cute and they also have a sweet temperament which makes them to survive with every animal and even cat too.


Note: Please let us know which dog breed you have selected for your cat in the comment section below.


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