Dogs That Look Like Pit Bulls But They Are Not And Mistaken For Pitbulls
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Top 10 Dogs That Look Like Pit Bulls But They Are Not

Top 10 Dogs That Look Like Pit Bulls But They Are Not

Dogs That Look Like Pit bulls

Pitbull has been become the most popular and widely chosen dog among many other dog breeds due to his bold and impressive personality which is only the main reason that people love to bred this dog.

We have seen so many questions regarding Pitbull over the social media “dogs that look like pit bulls it is a breed or a type of dog? You do not believe that even owners cannot agree, it?pitbull temperament

You might have seen a bunch of dogs that look like pit bulls, due to this misconception and misunderstanding which makes people got confused.

This confusion about Pitbulls does not get any solution because of the media’s misleading information and cross-breeding practices.

We have to say; though when looking more in-depth into this topic we got shocked by the number of dogs identified during the survey, that those dogs similar to pit bulls but in reality, they are not pit bulls.

So let’s take a look at these dogs that are most commonly mistaken for pit bulls.

Dogs That Look Like Pit Bulls But They Are Not

1.Cane Corsodogs that look like pit bulls

Cane Corso is an excellent watchdog, and hunter originated in Italy.  His athletic and muscular body consider as an elegance for people to own this canine breed.

If you compare him with Pitbull, he is much larger than pitbull as he reaches a minimum of 70 pounds where an adult Pitbull reaches upto 60 pounds.

As  Cane Corso has an aggressive look with massive head paired with cropped ears which makes people confused to identify between these two breeds.

2.Dogo Argentinodogs that look like pit bulls

Dogo Argentino only comes in white colour and has strong built with big muscles originated in the native country of Argentina which also make them rare to be found in the world.

These dogs are known to be the best dog regarding loyalty towards humans who care for them.

Due to his bold look and large frame, they are mistaken as Pitbulls, but they are different from Pitbulls as they don’t have any characteristics which state that they are from the pitbull bloodlines.

3.Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogdogs that look like pit bulls

Most of the people in the world do not seem aware of this mysterious breed, but it is an old dog breed that has been in existence for many years.

In fact, you will get shocked that Alpha Blue Blood Bulldog is an ancestor of American Pitbull Terrier that denotes both breeds are from similar pitbull bloodlines.

It might also be a reason why people get confused with these two breeds.

This dog required proper socialization in the early age to prevent them from becoming aggressive and also helps to make them a fantastic family pet.

4.Presa Canariodogs that look like pit bulls

Presa Canario is the largest dog breed in the world which looks very similar due to their appearance. These dogs are mainly used for herding or guarding live stocks.

They can also become aggressive if they were not properly socialized, recommended that they should be handled by experienced dog owners who know how to manage these dogs.

If we compare Presa Canario with Pitbull, the difference becomes immediately evident as Presa Canario are much larger due to their massive legs, and Pit bulls are smaller in size still it makes people get confused among these two breeds.

5. Ambullneo Mastiffdogs that look like pit bulls

Ambullneo Mastiff is a hybrid dog breed created from three different types of European Mastiffs and Bulldogs.

This thing makes these dogs unique among others still these dogs doesn’t have any characteristics which state that they are Pitbull except one thing which is a large head with the cropped ears that makes people muddled whether he is a Pitbull or Ambullneo Mastiff.

6.American Bulldogdogs that look like pit bulls

American Bulldog is the most common impressive dog breed which is also mistaken for Pitbulls. Although both dogs do have some common physical characteristics, they are not the same.

American Bulldog is larger than Pitbull which reaches up to 40 pounds at adulthood. These working dogs also make as a great family companion because of their stable temperament.

However, both dog breeds are muscular and bold looking makes anyone gets confused to identify the right one.

7.Staffordshire Bull Terrierdogs that look like pit bulls

It is straightforward to understand how a stranger get confused between Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Pitbull as they both have similar resemblance to each other.

Although Staffordshire Bull Terrier is not a Pitbull, they have many of the same physical attributes because they are from the same Pitbull Bloodlines.

Stafford breed works very great with kids and performs as the best family companion due to his sweet temperament.

If we compared him with pitbull, the level of aggression is also low and they also work great with strangers too.

8.Bull Terrierdogs that look like pit bulls

Bull Terrier is also another dog breed that is confused with Pitbulls. Can you remember the Budweiser Beer commercials with the famous Spuds McKenzie?

That was a Bull Terrier, at that time everyone thought that he was a Pitbull. Bull Terrier is also much smaller as Pitbulls, but they are not much gentle as  Pitbull.

If you compare him, you can find a noticeable difference that both breeds tend to have a head which is entirely different from each other, and the eyes of bull terrier are altogether triangular, whereas the Pitbull is not.

9.Olde English Bulldogdogs that look like pit bulls

Olde English Bulldog is a hybrid breed of the old Bulldog famous in the 1800s and recreated in 1970s.

The great thing is that which can amaze you that it is a mixture of American Bulldog, Bullmastiff, English Bulldog and along with American Pitbull Terrier.

This thing can make you quickly understand why this dog is frequently mistaken for Pitbulls because they are from the similar Pitbull Bloodlines.

10.Dogue De Bordeauxdogs that look like pit bulls

If you remember the movie “Turner and Hooch” you might have seen a bold looking dog which was Dogue De Bordeaux.

This is one of the oldest dog breeds around the world which is originated in France.

This canine breed is working dogs with massive built, and broader heads are very protective and affectionate to their owners.

They are also frequently mistaken for Pitbulls as both breeds have a bit similar resemblance to each other.

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