Homeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions- Blacklisted Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Dog Breeds Blacklisted by Insurance Companies

Top 10 Dog Breeds Blacklisted by Insurance Companies

Homeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

Owning a dog can be a happy moment for every first-time dog owner. As everyone wants a loyal friend, who gives a feeling as someone special “dog” in their life with whom a person can share his good and bad experiences.

Homeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

The dog has become a faithful companion of human but could you ever thought that sometimes this lovable pooch could cause significant harm by biting, mauling or even jumping on people which is less expected even by their owners.

Most of the dog owners get staggered while applying for Home Insurance when they asked about which dog breed you have in your house?

List the dog bread?

Homeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

But Why most of the insurance companies want to know about your dog breed?

The answer is quite straightforward that if your home insurance covers your dog, then these insurers are solely responsible and liable for every activity made by your dog like death, injury and property damage.

And if your dog breeds not listed on your home insurance, then they will not give you any compensation for the account of the damage done by your dog. We advise you to go through this article as it might include your dog bread which is blacklisted by insurance companies.

Homeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

10.AkitasHomeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

These impressive dogs have a high tendency to bite. We would not say that they bite all the time but due to aggression in their blood that leads them to show aggressiveness towards other dogs and people.

9.Great DaneGreat Dane

These giants are very gentle and  friendly, but sometimes their capricious temperament can cause damage to other animals living in your neighbourhood which might create a stressful and challenging moment for you to handle if this dog breed not covered in your insurance.

Most of the times Great Dane can be seen as dog breeds banned by insurance companies. It is highly advisable that you should ask your insurer that they include this dog breed or not.

8.Alaskan MalamutesHomeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

Alaskan malamutes resemble Siberian Husky which is pretty much gorgeous and a dominant dog bred bred to pull the sledge. In most of the countries, these dogs banned as they have bitten and even killed children.

This vicious dog breed is also on the radar of insurance companies as a blacklisted dog breed.

7.Pitbull TerriersHomeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

Pitbull was well known by his aggressive nature which also appears from his bold appearance that this dog is dangerous dog breed. You might even hear news regarding Murder done by Pitbull.

We would not say that all Pitbulls are dangerous, but their historical data tends the insurance companies to judge the whole breed as a one by the worst examples. That’s why this dog also comes in the homeowners insurance dog breed restrictions list.

6.Siberian HuskiesHomeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

Usually, huskies considered as a good family dog in several countries, but then they even go wrong, the outcome will be horrible no one also thinks about that. These Huskies might even injure you accidentally while playing.

They usually view small dogs and cats as their prey. So if there is any cat or little dog in your neighbourhood, then you should consider dog insurance for your dog to overcome the problem in the future by your dog.

But unfortunately, this dog breed is also banned by most of the insurance companies.

5.Staffordshire TerriersHomeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

We all know insurance companies pay a significant amount of liability for their premium holders as these insurance companies are in the business of risk management.

But today most of them avoid assuring known risk which might undoubtedly occur in future due to Insurance of these dog breeds. In America, the Centre for Disease Control released a report that half of the fatal attacks on people occurred due to massive attacks by Pitbull type dogs.

Although  American Staffordshire Terriers is not a Pitbull, it comes from standard Blood Lines that’s why many insurance companies blacklisted these dog breeds.


Rottweilers are confident,  courageous and alert which often considered as one of the smartest dog breeds in the world and make them excellent guard dog but some have killed a large number of infants in several countries.

Due to the combative part of their Bloodlines which causes them to injured and killed massive amount of people as stated by Chicago Tribune in 2010. Insurance companies openly target these dangerous dog breeds that have cost them significantly during claims made due to fatal attacks by these dogs to the third party.

3.German ShepherdsGerman Shepherd

German Shepherd considered as one of the best working dogs in the world as they are inquisitive, confident and courageous dog breed which can generally found in various rescue operation works  And make them an ideal candidate for police and army works.

According to Centre for Disease Control this smart dog breed involved in  17 deaths during the 20 years dog bite study. Due to this study, most of the insurance companies get alert to overcome this known risk and have blacklisted German Shepherds.

2.Japanese TosaHomeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

Japanese Tosa is one of the dangerous dog breeds which is always on the radar of blacklisted dog breeds by insurance companies as these dogs banned in the United Kingdom due to their combative nature.

Most of the insurance analysts stated that these dogs attacked several dogs and dog owners at a dog shows which bring this dog breed into the blacklisted dog breed list.

1.Chow ChowHomeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

Chow Chow seems to be a cute and fluffy dog, but in reality, it is a hunting dog breed. In fact, you will get amazed that they have attacked so many people due to improper socialisation is given to them as they are little more aggressive than other breeds.

In 2012 this impressive dog was killed due to the brutal attack on an eight-year-old boy on a bicycle in York, South Carolina. The injured boy stated that after this brutal attack he went for stitches and staples for the facial injuries. This shocking news also alert the insurance companies to blacklist this dog breed.


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