What Is Dog Dander? - How To Get Rid Of Dog Dander?
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How To Get Rid Of Dog Dander

How To Get Rid Of Dog Dander

Dog Dander

Owning a dog might be everyone’s dream, but these dogs can cause you to sneeze, have skin rashes on your body or runny eyes, as you may also be one of the estimated 10% of the people that is more allergic to animals especially dog. Yes, I am talking about dog dander.

Now it seems that you are not familiar with dog dander.

Am I right? Be honest…

One thing you should consider before the selection of dogs to whom you are going to share your home with, are they low dander dogs?

Let’s talk about what is Dog Dander?Dog Dander

Dog Dander

Dog Dander is the scales of dead skin which sheds profusely by all dogs that are more similar to humans dandruff, but dog dander is much smaller which cannot be seen by naked eyes.

As dog dander is much smaller and light weighted, it sheds from the dog’s coats that can stay airborne for hours.

You might not know that allergens in this pet dander are very much sticky and can be found easily on your clothes, inside the carpets or mats or furniture.Dog Dander

Pet dander allergy can affect people when they inhale airborne allergens, in the form of dog dander, as I told you earlier that pet dander is much light weighted and smaller which cannot be seen easily.

As we inhale these airborne allergens, they directly enter into our immune system, resulting in itching, coughing, sneezing and in severe cases, it also causes breathing problem.


One question will click your mind that how dog dander looks like?Dog Dander

Here is an example which can help you to understand dog dander more easily.

It doesn’t mean that living with your co-existence dogs can be a difficult situation for you due to this allergy; a study has also shown that allergy sufferers and pets can live together peacefully by taking some careful selection and extra precautions to overcome this problem.

Are you one of them who suffer from allergies easily but want to acquire a dog. Don’t get panic.

There are several dog breeds can be found in the world that does low shedding and also produces less dander which is commonly known as hypoallergenic dog breeds.

These are most well known non-shedding and hypoallergenic dog breeds:


2.Bichon FriseDog Dander

3.Airedale TerrierDog Dander

4.Australian TerrierDog Dander

5.Bouvier des FlandresDog Dander

6.Cairn TerrierDog Dander

7.Chinese CrestedDog Dander

8.Chihuahua (Long Coated)Dog Dander

9.Irish Water SpanielDog Dander

10.Italian GreyhoundDog Dander

How to Get Rid of dog Dander

Is there anyone in your family who is allergic to animals especially dogs or if you like to live in an immaculate house then dog dander can be a big problem for you.

Now you want to ask me is there any home remedies for dog skin allergies like dog dander which can help you to keep your home clean and allergen free. I would like to say luckily; there are some ways to get rid of dog dander.

1. Brush your dog on a regular basisDog Dander

Brushing your dog on a regular basis can minimise the problem of dog dander and also helps to spread your dog’s natural oils.

It is highly advisable that you should not brush your dog inside the house so that the dander you have brushed out cannot accumulate in your home.

2. Use an air purifierDog Dander

As I said earlier that dog dander floats very easy in the air as it is very light weighted and small in size which cannot be seen by our naked eyes, you should use an air purifier having HEPA filter to overcome this problem.

3. Must use grooming wipes during bathsDog Dander

Grooming wipes work as a great and safe way to remove dander from your dog’s coat during the bath.

4. Feed excellent dog supplementsDog Dander

Feeding great dog supplements enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids can also help to reduce the production of dog dander and also works great in improving the condition of your dog’s skin.

5. Give a gentle bath to your dogDog Dander

Giving a gentle bath to your dog can help him to overcome this pet dander allergy but one thing you should keep in your mind that washing your dog too often can also lead your dog’s skin dry and ultimately results in more dog dander.

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