How To Get Rid Of Ticks On Dogs : Dos And Dont's Exclusive Guide
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How To Get Rid Of Ticks On Dogs

How To Get Rid Of Ticks On Dogs

How To Get Rid Of Ticks On Dogs

How to get rid of ticks on dogs

Have you noticed some creepy and weird ticks on your dog’s skin?

You don’t have any idea that these ticks can transmit disease into your dog’s blood which can create a dangerous situation for your dog.

how to get rid of ticks on dogs

Most of the expert says tick-borne diseases are not transmitted immediately if you remove the ticks from your dog within 24- 36 hours which results in your dog’s unlikely to get infected.

Removal of ticks from dog sometimes becomes a significant challenge for most of the first time owners as it’s essential to remove the ticks from dog promptly and correctly.

Don’t get panic!

how to get rid of ticks on dogs


We have created the list of dos and don’ts of tick removal which will help you to understand the term “how to get rid of ticks on dogs” will be a reasonably straightforward process.

First of all, you should know about which type of tick diseases your dog is exposed to as these ticks carry infectious organisms.

Tick Diseases In Dogshow to get rid of ticks on dogs

There are mainly five types of tick diseases which can be found in dogs.

We have organised these diseases from some factors which are listed below.

– Common diseases ticks can transmit to your dog if they bite.

– How to find out which ticks can carry those diseases?

– Geographic areas where they usually found.

how to get rid of ticks on dogs

how to get rid of ticks on dogs

how to get rid of ticks on dogs

how to get rid of ticks on dogs

how to get rid of ticks on dogs

Some Great Facts About Tickshow to get rid of ticks on dogs

– Do you know ticks are not insects?

Because they are more closely related to spiders as they have eight legs and Arachnida classification.

-Ticks can only breed when they are feeding.

– These dangerous ticks can be found in every region of the world, and they also have a high tendency to survive them in every climatic condition.

– If we compare male ticks with female ticks, female ticks are more dangerous for dogs as they lay eggs up to 3000 and sometimes, certain species of ticks can lay upto 20000 eggs.

How to remove dog tickshow to get rid of ticks on dogs

You can find an ample amount of data over the internet which tells these are the excellent products which will help you to solve your question ” how to remove dog ticks.”

After using several products for ticks removal, we have listed out only one product which you can find in the market very quickly, and it is also very cheap.

Do use tweezerhow to get rid of ticks on dogs

If you find a tick on your dog, tweezers can be the best way to remove them from your dog’s skin but using these tweezers in a right manner can be a most onerous task for you.

We insist to you to follow these ways by using tweezers.

– First of all part your dog’s hair around the tick with your fingers very gently.

– Now you should place the tweezers around the tick as close as you can.

– Don’t twist the tick.

-Pull the tick in an upward direction in a very gentle way, until the tick lets you pull it away from the skin.

– You should clean the bite area by alcohol or soap to avoid transmitting of disease

– It is recommended that you should dispose of the tick by killing it otherwise it can come again on your dog’s skin.

Don’tshow to get rid of ticks on dogs

– Most of us are not aware that removal of ticks with our fingers can come in contact very closely to tick saliva or blood that contains pathogens.

So it is essential that you should wear gloves on hands or use a tissue paper to avoid this thing.

Do not crush a tick is it can force the infected body fluid through the tick’s mouth which can increase the risk of infection for your dog.

– Most of the people use various substances like nail polish, vaseline or several repellents for the removal of ticks.

But they do not know that doing this can cause the tick to vomit into your dog, results in the increment of infection.

– Do not leave the ticks in your dustbin as they can quickly crawl back out.

How To Get Rid Of Ticks On Dogshow to get rid of ticks on dogs

Manual tick removal takes so much time to remove these ticks, but it cannot prevent new ticks.

It is challenging to detect all ticks on your dog’s skin as your dog is covered with fur.

To overcome this problem, you should consider these great ways of tick prevention for dogs.

1. Tick Shampoohow to get rid of ticks on dogs

One of the best ways to eliminate all the ticks from your dog’s skin is to lather your dog with the best tick shampoo.

One of the best shampoo I have used is Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo, and it can be easily found in the market for less than 10 dollars.

2. Spot-on ticks treatmenthow to get rid of ticks on dogs

Are you getting frustrated by using a lot of products and didn’t get any permanent solution?

Spot on treatments is the best way to kill and repel ticks.

These drops are topical treatments that can be applied on dogs skin once in a month which leads to extended lasting protection from both ticks and fleas.

K9 Advantix Flea & Tick Control Treatment is also the best spot-on ticks treatment that I have tried with my dog, and it also can we quickly find in the market costing not more than 50 Dollars.

3. Ticks Collarshow to get rid of ticks on dogs

Ticks Collars are also one of the best ways to eliminate these blood sucking ticks off of your dog’s skin.

There are several dog tick collars companies claims that their product will solve your problem.

After using several collars I recommend Virbac Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs and it is also very affordable in price is it comes in the pricing of less than $50.

The only downside which I have seen in all collars including this too that all are not water resistant and they also do not work with fleas.

I also insist you read the article which I have written on Six Places To Look For Ticks On Dogs that you always ignored and this will give you more understanding about these ticks as where they can hide in your dog’s fur.

Dog Tick Treatment Home Remedyhow to get rid of ticks on dogs

If you have no faith over the company’s promises as they said their product would get off ticks from your furry friend’s skin.

Here are some dog tick treatment home remedies that are also very effective which can be tried at home and they even gave me better results.

Citrushow to get rid of ticks on dogs

Citrus is mostly found in lemon and oranges.

All you have to do is to make organic repellent oil from these fruits by boiling the peels of lemon and orange.

Let it cool down and apply gently on the affected areas.

– Neem oilhow to get rid of ticks on dogs

Neem oil is the most common oil preferred by the various veterinarians.

It has excellent anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which act as the best solution to eliminate ticks off of the dog.

Pour Neem oil on your palm and rub it gently on the affected areas.

-Apple Cider Vinegarhow to get rid of ticks on dogs

Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) is also worked great as a tick removal repellent.

It is advisable that you should give half teaspoon per day per 25 lbs of body weight to your dog.

You can add it into his food or water bowl.

ACV add acid to your dog’s blood which prevents him from the severe attack of ticks and fleas.

– Garlichow to get rid of ticks on dogs

Garlic is also a great repellent which works great for removal of ticks from the dog.

It should be consumed in sufficient amount as it is more toxic than onions and can also cause severe damage to red blood cells of dogs.

It should be served with soups and food, containing garlic.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you have some great ideas for tick removals.

We will be more happy to add them to the list it will also help others.

Sharing is Caring!

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