Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics
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Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a domestic and largest dog breed originates from Ireland.His name arises from his purpose for hunting wolfs which you can’t find from his appearance.Today most of the family members prefer Irish wolfhound as their family companion due to his obedience and playfulness nature.

Irish Wolfhound

These domestic dogs come in 6 colors White, Black, Brindle, Fawn, Grey, and Red. They are very friendly with dogs and also with strangers. These breeds found in various homes in Ireland due to their affection level with their owners.This large dog requires more exercise regarding another dog breed.

Life Span 6 – 10 years
Color White, Black, Brindle, Fawn, Grey, and Red
Temperament Sweet-Tempered, Loyal, Patient, Dignified, Thoughtful, Generous
Height 30-32 inches
Weight 105-120pounds
Origin Ireland
Group Hound Group

 This breed is not highly recommended for Apartment living owners.One thing you should know about Irish wolfhound if you are looking for a long-lived dog then Irish wolfhound is not for you because he lives not more than 6 to 8 years because of many health problems.

Irish Wolfhound Puppies Exclusive Pictures

The size of this dog is generally 32 inches tall and weighs up to 120pounds. These dogs are more intelligent and gentle and they have a strong desire to play with human as there companionship.  

Irish Wolfhound Breed Characteristics

Adapts well to Apartment Living
Sensitivity Level
Tolerates being Alone
Kids Friendly
Dog Friendly
Friendly toward Strangers
Easy to Train
Intelligence Level
Easy To Groom
Exercise Needs
Energy Level
Exercise Needs

But if you are choosing him as a guard dog, then it might not be a good fit because they are not aggressive for strangers. But if you are looking for a friend, then he is the only one which is made for you no doubt.


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