Leonberger Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics
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Leonberger is a large size mountain dog breed having long hair just like Saint Bernard. Due to his lion looks, they also are known as the Gentle lion, Leo, and Gentle Giant.Why Gentle lion – because he mimics the lion’s voice and his structure looks like a little bit lion.


  Leonberger comes in 4 colors Mahogany, Red, Yellow and Sandy. They commonly found in UK, USA, Canada, and France. The name Leonberg originated from the city of Leonberg in Germany. He also considered a watchdog in several countries.

Life Span 8 – 9 years
Color Mahogany, Red, Yellow and Sandy
Temperament Fearless, Obedient, Loyal, Companionable, Adaptable, Loving
Height Male: 72–80 cm Female: 65–75 cm
Weight Male: 48–75 kg Female: 41–59 kg
Origin Germany
Group Working Group

These dogs are more friendly but when it comes to their health, it requires more exercise, grooming, trainability. These kinds of dog love to play with kids, and they are more affectionate with their family members but not for strangers.

Leonberger Puppies Exclusive Images

So it will be a good fit for you if you have children in your house and you are planning to buy a dog but little bit confused which dog should I prefer then Leonberger will be the dog you should consider. Due to his giant size, it also requires more space.

Leonberger Breed Characteristics

Adapts well to Apartment Living
Sensitivity Level
Tolerates being Alone
Kids Friendly
Dog Friendly
Friendly toward Strangers
Easy to Train
Intelligence Level
Easy To Groom
Exercise Needs
Energy Level
Exercise Needs

Things you should know before buying Leonberger is that they have more sensitivity level as they will expect more attention from you. He is 29-30 inches in height and can weigh up to 64-68kg. He is also a working group dog breed.

Due to his high level of intelligence and energy level which makes him an excellent dog regarding obedience and rescue works.

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