Millionaire Dog

Hey there! Rahul, here from India. A warm welcome to all my new visitors that you checked out my About page.

I am a passionate dog lover (And a lucky Dog Owner too!).I have been with my two super stellar named “Tuffy” and “Maggi” since 14years.Millionaire Dog is an excellent platform for me to share experiences with you that I have learned from my cuddles over the past few years.

If you have ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you are in the right place.

Which dog food is best for my dog?

Which dog breed is best for me?

How could I get my dog’s attention?

How can I properly remove ticks from my dog?

Which dog training method is best for my dog?

Which name should I choose for my dog?

Which dog insurance should I choose?

What can I do to help my dog’s aggression?

In this blog, I have covered everything in this blog from dog grooming to dog training.If you have any specific questions about your dog, feel free to email them to me.I’ll be very happy to answer them, and they might even make it into the blog.

As I believe, for every dog owner his dog is more than just a “dog,” they are loyal companions and beloved members of the family.