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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi considers One of the most trainable dog breeds in the world. in several countries They are also known as Welsh corgi. These corgis originated in Wales and united kingdom with a view for herding cattle.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgi puppies exclusively come in six colors Fawn, Black&Tan, Black&White, Blue, Sable,Red.The average size of these little cuddles is 25-30 cm in height and weight up to 10-14kg.

Life Span 12 – 14 years
Color Fawn, Black&Tan, Black&White, Blue, Sable,Red
Temperament Tenacious, Outgoing, Bold, Playful, Protective, Friendly
Height Male: 25–30 cm Female: 25–30 cm
Weight Male: 10–14 kg Female: 10–13 kg
Origin Wales, United Kingdom
Group Herding Group

These smart dogs can live either in small or significant space means if you have any size of the house these dogs can be easily adjusted.Also, these corgis can tolerate both hot and cold weather as they can adapt themselves in any temperature, That’s not a big deal for them.

About Corgi Puppies 

These dogs have great affection towards their family members; even they are also friendly towards strangers. Pembroke Welsh Corgi are easy to train because of their intelligence and loving nature.Corgi dogs require ample amount of exercise on a daily basis to keep them healthy and fit.

Corgi Breed Characteristics

Adapts well to Apartment Living
Sensitivity Level
Tolerates being Alone
Kids Friendly
Dog Friendly
Friendly toward Strangers
Easy to Train
Intelligence Level
Easy To Groom
Exercise Needs
Energy Level
Exercise Needs

They are generally healthy dog breed, but sometimes you have to be more careful about their health conditions, so if you want to own a corgi puppy make sure that you should buy it from a reputed corgi breeder who can give you all medical clearances.

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