Six Places To Look For Ticks On Dogs That You Always Ignored
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Six Places To Look For Ticks On Dogs That You Always Ignored

Six Places To Look For Ticks On Dogs That You Always Ignored

Ticks on Dogs

Have you checked ticks on your dog regularly? Most of the dog owners get annoyed when they see these bloodsucking ticks on dogs as these ticks carry some severe diseases.

Did you ever think that finding ticks on dogs will be a most onerous task for you?

Yes, I am right…ticks on dogs

I am saying this because most of us quickly run our hands on the dog head, back, belly and, finding no ticks, we think the job is done.

This is one of the biggest mistakes we make that will effect our dog’s health.

You should remove these ticks from your dog, as I said earlier that these horrible ticks carry various deadly diseases which are lifelong having no cure like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease and tick paralysis caused by tick bites.

ticks on dogs

Today I am revealing some unknown places you may forget to look for ticks on dogs.

I am requesting you to give your 100% attention to this article because these unknown places can cause Tick-borne diseases which can be a life-changing moment for your dog.

Places To look for Ticks On Dogs That You Always Ignored

1. Inside the Mouthticks on dogs

Although it’s not common ticks can enter your dog mouth very easily, as it happens due to the eating of grass and other shrubs in the park.

It’s not a place where you check regularly, but it is advisable that if you find ticks on the dog, you should also check his mouth thoroughly.

2. Under the Collarticks on dogs

We rarely remove our dog’s collar every day except maybe during the bath time, but it is essential for us as a dog owner that we should do proper checking on our dogs at all times.

But most of us ignore to check underneath the dog’s collar where can easily hide.

Remember these blood-sucking ticks are very tiny which cannot be seen through our naked eyes.

Make sure that you should check your dog’s collar; there are not any ticks crawling on the collar before you put it back on your dog’s neck.

3. Between the Toesticks on dogs

This kind of problem doesn’t happen often, but yes it is possible that they can insert to the dog toes very easily as these are one of the best places where ticks love to hide where they would not be find easily.

We know that checking your dog’s toes can be a most onerous task for you, you can take help of anyone who can hold your dog, so you can remove these unwanted guests from your pup’s feet.

One thing I forgot if you find your dog licking or chewing his feet, there may be something wrong which is bothering your dog which could be a tick.

4. In the Groin Areasticks on dogs

Be honest, did you check your dog’s groin area regularly?

If no, it will be a stressful situation for you because these ticks usually like to hide in the dark and the perianal areas of our dogs.

5.The Eyelidticks on dogs
Have you noticed that it is a black skin tag or a tick on your dog’s eyelid?

Yes, you are listening right because it is tough to determine the black mass on the eyelid is not a tick, a dog can develop skin tags near the eyelids.

It is essential that you should check your dog’s eyelids on a regular basis to avoid transmission of disease is to occur in future.

6. Under the Tailticks on dogs

The tail becomes the excellent home for ticks as they love to hide in dark and moist areas.

Most of the dog owners ignore checking their dog tails on a regular basis, especially near the base, where this dangerous tick can be unnoticed for an extended period.

7.In the Earsticks on dogs

You might have not aware that ticks set themselves on the tall grasses, where they are waiting for your dog to walk by, so they can quickly enter to their ears.

As dogs are the curious creature made by god who loves to stick their heads into everything which prepares the way for ticks to get entered into their ears very easily.

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