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Shaving Dogs in Summer, YES OR NO?

Shaving Dogs in Summer, YES OR NO?

Shaving Dogs in Summer

Shaving dogs in summer- a little bit tricky question. Is it or not?

Most of the dog owners especially in summer when temperature hikes, they think that shaving their dogs in the summer will be the best option to keep their dogs cool. But it is necessary that every dog owner should know that human hair is not same as your pet’s hair.shaving dogs in summer

What does it mean?

It means that as we all know, the dog’s coat protects them from the cold and also helps to protect them from the heat too, their fluffy coat act as a great weapon when it comes to repelling snow or beating the hot sun rays.

Research initiated by ASPCA Animal Hospital in which they revealed that “a dog’s furry coat is a kind of insulation material of your house”.

Most of you have a question in mind that why we are relating dog’s coat with home?shaving dogs in summer

The answer is quite straightforward that insulation protects your home from getting too cold especially in winters, but it also helps to keep the house fresh and preserve the home from getting overheated due to high temperature in summers.

The great thing is that- the same thing does with your dog’s coat.

So, shaving dogs in summer might not be a great option.

Shaving Dogs in Summer

Most of the veterinarians recommend that you should avoid shaving a dog with double coat especially Dogs with this coat type such as Pembroke Welsh Corgi,  Australian Shepherd, Alaskan Husky and Pomeranian, as they have soft hairs, protective undercoat and insulator outer coat which helps to fight off the moisture.

Most of the veterinary dermatologist says that double coated dogs shed profusely during summer and you have also noticed more fur on your pillows and sofa especially in summer.

Some people shave their dogs to overcome shedding, but they are not aware of shaving them during summer days as it could do some severe damage to their shiny and thick furry coats.

The natural shedding process allows a  dog to get proper air circulation over his skin, which also acts as a natural cooling system.

As I said earlier that double coated dogs shed profusely during summers, there is only one step to keep them fresh is giving them regular brushing and bathing which makes the hair proper ventilated.shaving dogs in summer

I can’t understand why most of the people shaved their double coated dog, because it might create irreparable damage to their dog skin and texture when the hairs grow back, the dog might also suffer a skin disease.

If you have dogs like a poodle or bichon frise at your home, whose hairs are continually growing and getting matted, feel free to give them a shorter summer haircut, recommended that you should not shave your dog below a  medium hair coat length and have an experienced groomer save the dog from various skin problems.

To avoid getting sunburned and overcome your dog from the risk of skin cancer, we should always leave at least 2 inches of furs to act as a natural sunscreen.


I know this article will give you immense knowledge whether you should shave your dog or not.

Please let me know in the comment section below If I have forgotten anything. I will highly appreciate you if you give me your valuable suggestions.


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  1. Cialisonline
    9 months ago

    Thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

  2. inboga
    9 months ago

    Thanks Jenny!

  3. Russel
    8 months ago

    I would have never shaved my dog even if I hadn’t known all this, but I had no idea that shaving a dog could cause so many problems! I guess my philosophy that “it just ain’t natural” was correct at least in this case 🙂

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