Signs Of Aging In Dogs-Every Dog Owner Needs To Look For
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Signs Of Aging In Dogs

Signs Of Aging In Dogs

Signs Of Aging In Dogs

Age is a common factor which creeps up on all of us, even our dogs too.

Every dog owner in this world enjoys the faithful companionship of his dog but one thing they always missed that his friend may not be able to do the same thing that he did during his young age.signs of aging in dogs

The signs of aging in dogs can be difficult to understand but being a dog owner; you should pay more attention to those signs which will help you to catch these health issues in the initial stages, and also may make treatment more manageable and less expensive.signs of aging in dogs

Please pay attention to this article only for 5 minutes at least for your dog’s life that can indicate you that your dog needs extra care as he has entered his senior years.

Signs Of Aging In Dogs

1.Cloudy Eyessigns of aging in dogs

Cloudy Eyes is also one of the leading dog old age symptoms that should be noticed by you because it is an excellent sign of cataracts, dry eye syndrome or conjunctivitis but it is tough to see at first, especially if your dog does not make eye contact.  

Have you noticed that your dog started bumping into things, falling uncontrollably or shows some signs?  

Cloudy Eyes a is an excellent sign to make you understand easily that he is suffering from eye discomfort or loss of vision.

Deterioration of eyesight is a regular part of aging in dog years, but if you encountered the things are getting worse, then you should ask your veterinarian to rule out these diseases.

2. Increased Sleep Timesigns of aging in dogs

Have you noticed that your old dog spend more time sleeping then he formerly did?

You might get shocked that significant increase in sleeping time can cause due to several health-related issues, but most of the veterinarian claims that it is a vital sign that your dog is suffering from joint inflammation or arthritis.

To prevent your dog from this problem, you must ensure that your dog maintains a healthy weight by giving him the optimum supplements that include glucosamine.

3. Lumps and Other Skin Problemssigns of aging in dogs

Most of the dog owners identified coat and skin issues at any age, but these lumps are more susceptible to your dog when he is attaining to old age.

Lumps are the most dangerous thing which makes most of the dog owners makes scared as it can create itself into cancer if ignored.

But it is challenging to identify on dog’s skins having long hair.

4. Gaining Weightsigns of aging in dogs

Have you noticed an unusual increase in your dog’s weight?

It is an excellent alarm that you should feed your dog less food or switch to a less calorie diet because gaining weight can catch several diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or might even create thyroid issues.

To increase your dog’s longevity, you should ask your vet to give a properly balanced diet chart to rule out any real medical problems.

5. Slowing Downsigns of aging in dogs

Have you noticed that nowadays  you have to encourage your dog to run up with you around the house but he can’t as he did before?

Slowing down can also be a sign that your dog is in the initial stages of dog hip dysplasia or arthritis.

6. Behaviour and Memory Problemssigns of aging in dogs

Changes in dog’s behaviour is a universal sign of aging in dogs, but it can also be a symptom of a disease like dog dementia.

Therefore the best way to rule out this unusual behaviour and memory problems you should consult with your vet.

7. Losing Hearing Powersigns of aging in dogs

Have you noticed that your dog has stopped coming to you when you call him?

If you think that this might be due to aging, think again– he may be losing his hearing power.

Now you have to give more emphasis to rule out this concern.

8. Difficult  While Getting Upsigns of aging in dogs

Have you encounter that your dog gets into trouble while lifting himself after lying especially on hard surfaces.

It can also be another sign of joint pain which generally occurs at this old stage.

To overcome any serious problem in future, it is recommended that you should ask your vet to give proper aid to eliminate this problem.

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