Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? : New Answer To Old Question
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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? : New Answer To Old Question

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? : New Answer To Old Question

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

why do dogs eat grass

You might even get worried to see that why your dog is eating grass?

Is he hungry or feeling boredom?

One thing which will strike your mind that eating grass will effect on my dog digestion power?

First of all, we want to let you know that you are not alone who is facing this problem. Lots of dog owners always have one question on the social media that why their dog eat grass and vomit after it?

Dogs eating grass can be commonly found in all dog breeds especially in wild dogs as this type of behaviour of eating grass would not cause too many problems.  In fact, several veterinarians consider it to be a normal dog behaviour.

why do dogs eat grass

In a small survey, it has reported that more than 40 dog owners get their dog on ingesting grass and other plants for one week and the result was terrific that  80% of the dogs have eaten grass, which proves that grass was the most commonly eaten plant.

As stated by Veterinarians that this is a common disorder “Pica” which can generally found in all dogs as they eat things that are not food. This disorder indicates that your dog has some nutritional inadequacy, boredom especially when puppies and dogs adapt this type of thing.

Why is my dog eating grass?

why do dogs eat grass

There are a variety of reasons you can find on the internet that why is my dog eating grass. After going through so many years by observing this Pica in my dogs and consulted with numerous amount of Veterinarians  I found that this thing happens due to the unmet fulfilment of fibre in the body.

Only a few people know that grass has a high level of fibre which dog loves to eat to fulfil their unmet fibre fulfilment. But sometimes grazing of a dog on the lawn might even get him sick due to pesticides and chemicals spread on the grass.

In a research study, we get to know that a dog owner has put his dog on a high fibre diet for three days and he reported that the dog stops eating grass entirely.

How do I stop my dog from eating grass?

why do dogs eat grass

If you find your dog is eating grass for a consistent period, then it is also advisable that you should engage him in some fun activities like giving him a sturdy chew toy or anything to keep him busy in it.

To reduce this “Pica” behaviour which typically caused due to fibre deficiency in the body then it is recommended to switch to better dog food which has high fibre ingredients, and it should give under the supervision of Veterinarians.

 However, most of the experts say that grazing is not harmful to the dog but as I stated earlier that it would turn detrimental to dogs if pesticides and herbicides are used on the lawn if the dog swallows it as it contains toxic substances.

We would also advise you to check Anima Poison Control Center Website in which you can find a list of toxic and non-toxic plants which are dangerous to your dog if he ingests them.


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