Why is My Puppy Whining & Crying? |Tips For Settling New Puppies
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Why is My Puppy Whining & Crying? |Tips For Settling New Puppies

Why is My Puppy Whining & Crying? |Tips For Settling New Puppies

Why is My Puppy Whining & Crying?

Are you a first-time puppy owner?

Is your new puppy whining day and night?  

Have you also noticed that his whining and crying sound are getting worse?puppy whining

And I also know that this kind of annoying sound might disturb you while sleeping at night. You have probably one question in your mind, how I can tackle this problem?

If so, the help you need is here…..

In this article, you will discover great answers to your questions that will find you the easiest way to stop your puppy whining or crying and also help in to settle your new member in his new home.

First of all, let us know have you listen to this kind of sound at night or day?

I hope now you have understood that what is puppy whining?

Why do new puppies whine or cry at the first night?puppy whining

Well, let me answer your this great question which everyone asks on various social media channels and dog forums.

During the first few days of your puppy in his new home can make your puppy whining or crying which will be natural.

The main reason why new puppies do whine or cry during the first few days because of an unfamiliar place as he has separated from his beloved mother and siblings, which probably occur due to separation anxiety.

Whining or screaming is the only way through which he can communicate his fear and loneliness.

How to stop a puppy whining at night?puppy whining

The best way to stop your puppy crying and switch off the annoying alarm is to feel him safe which usually means that you should sleep next to your dog.

Never do this kind of mistake which I am telling you at the moment.

Sometimes your puppy’s annoying sound, especially at night when you are sleeping, can awake you, this will make you put the puppy in a separate room so you can sleep comfortably.

But this is the blunder mistake most of the first time dog owners do with their new puppies at early few days, but they have no idea that separating him from you in a  separate room may cause the puppy stress and a stressed puppy is going to scream and cry.puppy whining

I can tell you from my experience that the best way stop a puppy whining altogether is to let him see a  friendly human face which can help him to carry out his separation anxiety.

In a few days, you will notice that your puppy has readjusted himself in his new home-a place where we can feel safe and better.

At that point now he will have his lovely cozy bed or crate in your home which will become the best place for him regarding safety.

How to stop a puppy crying during the day?puppy whining

The daytime crying of a dog can be a natural reason, but there are also several reasons your puppy may cry during the day.

1.Hungerpuppy whining

Always make sure that your puppy’s belly will be full with the proper amount of food which is essential during the puppy’s growth phase.

Most of the veterinarians state if you experienced an increase or decrease in your puppy’s appetite which is a part of regular biological changes, then you should give proper attention to your puppy’s body condition.

If they are looking thin, increase the amount of  optimum food in their diet which you are offering and vice versa

2.Boredompuppy whining

Boredom can also be a sign if your puppy is crying or barking a lot and has a lot of pent up energy.

As per my experience, most of the puppies need physical and mental exercise which helps them to spend their energy and keep them fit throughout the day.

In the initial stages of your puppy’s growth, he will need a proper amount of exercise and play time in his routine schedule.

You can also try to make him busy by adding some food puzzles when you are going to leave your home for some time.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any other suggestions that you are using with your puppy. We will add them to our list.

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